Opening soon!

Hello lovely customers!

Firstly I just want to say thank you to each and every one of you that has bought coffee, sent messages of support or simply text to say hello. I can’t tell you how much it has been appreciated and kept me going. Lots of you have been asking when we are going to open up and so I wanted to give you an update.

The reason I haven’t updated you until now is because, in all honesty, I have had no idea. I’ve been trying to assess the situation on a week by week basis trying to decide when would be the best time to open that would be safe for the team and for customers and until now it just hasn’t felt quite right. Some personal circumstances and a pinch of anxiety has also made it more difficult to make the decision but as shops now start to open and people are used to the ‘new norm’ we are now gearing up to get our doors open. As you know we are not a takeaway coffee shop.

Of course we do ‘takeaways’ but the essence of brew + tucker is one of community, of ‘catch-ups’ with friends and family, of a second workplace, a place to get some peace and quiet or a place to make friends, which is one of the reasons why we haven’t been open just for takeaways.

However! we have now had the good news that we can open our doors in July which is incredibly exciting. It’s going to also be incredibly weird at first but we will do our best to make it the welcoming place we have always been. We aim to be open on Monday July the 6th. In the meantime we will continue to clean the shop within an inch of its life, make some alterations to make it as safe as possible for everyone when we do reopen and continue to deliver coffee to your doorstep.

Thank you for your patience and please bear with us.

Katie x