Opening again tomorrow!

Tomorrow we finally get to open our doors again for all our lovely customers. It’s been nice to be open for takeaway coffees over the last month, catching up with familiar faces, getting to grips with our new whizzy machine, and getting back into the swing of things a bit, but it all feels a little soulless.
brew + tucker isn’t just about our coffee (as amazing as it is). It’s also about delicious fresh food, served by a friendly face, in a space for people to catch up with friends, meet up with family, read a book in peace and quiet, or work away from the office. Its a space for the whole community to enjoy and where everyone is welcome.
Just to see people sat inside our shop again is so exciting, never mind the smell of our toasted sourdough, bacon, banana bread…oooh.
Our team has been working super hard to make sure the coffee shop is spotlessly clean and ready to welcome you with open arms (thank you ladies!!!).
We hope you’ll come and visit us and breathe life back into our brew + tucker.
Brew and Tucker | Coffee Shop Frodsham | Interior