why don’t you do large?

It’s a question we get asked on a regular basis. Can I have a large cappuccino? What’s the biggest coffee that you do? Is there something more bowl like that I can have my coffee in? (okay that last one is an exaggeration but you get the idea). 

I want people to enjoy our coffee at its’ best which means blending a double espresso with an exact amount of water or milk to an exact temperature. We spent a long time trying to find the perfect blend of coffee for our customers…to then serve it in vase like proportions surely defeats the purpose of doing so?

Don’t get me wrong…I understand that ‘people like what they like’ and for those who know their coffee we will happily create whatever they like…one shot, ½ shot, milk on the side, hotter, cooler, wet. dry, extra creamy and so on. However the fear is, those that have only ever tried coffee in more ‘american size’ proportions are missing out on the wonderful taste that the ‘right size coffee’ can deliver.

Never say never…our customers are our priority and I want everyone who visits to have the best experience and best coffee they can…but please…try it the ‘right size’ first.