our menu

we create each coffee with care and make our food fresh, using local independent businesses like us wherever we can. come and join us for a slice of aussie coffee culture and a very warm welcome.

our kitchen is open until 3pm daily (1pm on sunday)



iced latte 
flat white 
long black 
long white 


decaf shot 
guest coffee 

– salted caramel
– gingerbread
– vanilla (also available in sugar free)
– caramel (also available in sugar free)
– hazelnut (also available in sugar free)

dairy free milk alternatives 
– oat milk
– almond milk
– soya milk


 or something else?

loose leaf tea (by the pot)
– english breakfast   (also decaf )
– earl grey 
– peppermint 
– green tea 
– lemon + ginger tea 
– red berry tea 

hot stuff
– chai latte 
– turmeric latte 
– real choc hot choc 
– real white choc hot choc 
– baby choc

– babycino (under 10’s) 

– orange
– apple
– cranberry

milk smoothies 
– banana/blueberry/vanilla/honey
– banana/choc hazelnut
– banana/peanut butter/honey
– banana/honey

fruit smoothies 
– mango/pineapple/apple
– Blueberry/mango/apple

still/sparkling bottled water 
flavoured sparkling water 

“our coffee is served like the aussies have it. 2 shots and when served as a milky drink heated to 60-65 degrees. If you like yours weaker, stronger or hotter then please shout up”

“fancy something different? try our hot chocolate made with real chocolate, our comforting chai latte or one of our loose leaf teas”


pick your base

the tucker stack: toasted fresh sourdough stacked with delicious tucker. simply pick your bread, then choose one of our fave stack combos or build your own from our tasty fresh ingredients. choose either white or honey wholegrain to stack your tucker on. we also offer a seeded wheat free bread if sourdough isn’t your thing.

fave stack combos

our fave stack combos to stack your sourdough with:

one: smashed avo & basil + vegemite + chilli 
one plus: smashed avo & basil + vegemite + chilli + poached egg + bacon 
two: ham + melted cheese + basil + pineapple 
three: poached egg + bacon 
four: tuna & capers + tomatoes + rocket + aioli 
five: tomatoes & basil + feta + chilli 

build your own

create your own tucker stack by stacking your sourdough with any combo of these tasty toppings 

poached egg 
cherry tomatoes 
smashed avo + basil 
tuna & capers 

“our sourdough is free from baker’s yeast, dairy free and full of delicious ‘gut friendly’ flavour”

other tucker…

just toast

white sourdough 
honey wholegrain sourdough 
seeded wheat free 
with butter / jam / vegemite / peanut butter / honey / choc spread 

bonza specials

soup of the day + toasted sourdough 
raisin + cinnamon bagel 

sweet treats

we have a range of sweet treats from our famous homemade banana bread
(have you tried it toasted with butter?) to our vegan raw brownie.see our counter to see if we can tempt you.

“we have a range of sweet treats from our famous homemade banana bread (have you tried it toasted with butter?) to our vegan raw brownie. see our counter to see if we can tempt you.”

“as we use shared equipment in a busy (and small) kitchen, some products are not be suitable for those with allergies. please ask a team member for more information”.